About Hiking Phoenix

Hiking Phoenix is a simple-yet-comprehensive knowledge base about the hiking and trail running experience in Phoenix, Arizona.


Walking or marching a great distance, especially through rural areas, for pleasure, exercise, military training, or similar.

The top of Camelback Mountain, where many hikers are rescued from.

The site was started, in part, as a way to help humans navigate the dangers of hiking and running in the harsh desert ecosystem. While traversing the trails in and around Phoenix can be an amazing experience, it can also be a treacherous one without proper preparation...especially in the Summer months.

Year after year, news stories flood the Internet about inexperienced hikers getting dehydrated, injured or worse. According to the city of Phoenix, more than 200 hikers are in need of rescue each year. Some people fail to bring enough water with them on their journey, some get lost on the intricate trail systems, some get injured maneuvering the desert terrain.

Walking and running should be an enjoyable adventure. This site hopes to help that come to fruition, and cut down on the number of people needing assistance while out roaming the Phoenix trails.