Trail Running

Trail running entails just what it says...running on trails.

It is a type of running that takes place on a wide variety of terrains, including dirt, grass and mountainous terrain, and often includes ascending and descending of varying degrees of difficulty.

In other words, it's faster hiking.

The trail running community in and around Phoenix is thriving. Runners in the area take full advantage of the trail system, and have many trail running events and races to participate in. While there are a few bigger companies that put on awesome events for all varities of runners (from beginner to professional), Phoenix also has it's fair share of local mom-and-pop race events that are all about having a good time on the trails.

Aravaipa Running logo

Aravaipa Running

If you are looking to participate in a trail race, a great place to start your search is Aravaipa Running. Aravaipa was created to build a community of people, events and inspiration around the sport of trail and endurance running, and offer a wide variety of running-related events of all legths and difficulties.

Shendo Cat Racing logo

Shendo Cat Racing

Shendo Cat Racing is a local event company that has been conducting trail running events in the Phoenix valley since 2010. They company partners with XTERRA on a number of races. "With events stretching east, west north, south, and dead smack in the middle of Phoenix, Shendo Cat Racing strives to put on the best trail races across the valley!"

Christiansen Trail Run logo

Christiansen Trail Run

A great local race in the heart of Phoenix is the Christiansen Trail Run. "First run in 1987, the Christiansen Trail Run was one of the earliest organized trail runs in Arizona." The race takes place on North Mountain, part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, and runs along Trail 100 from Mountain View Park to Dreamy Draw and back.